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Name of Qualification                                

Master of Arts, M.A.


Main Field of Study                      

Social Sciences


Access Requirements

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Master or Diploma in a social or behavioral science. The degree must have been achieved with an overall score of at least 2.5. Additional requirements include adequate knowledge of empirical social research methods and statistics to the extent of at least 10 ECTS credits. Missing ECTS in methods can be acquired during the first master semester.

Any exceptions are decided upon by the examination committee.


Program Requirements

Basic knowledge of social and/or behavioral sciences is a prerequisite for the course. The Master's degree in Ageing Societies deepens and extends this knowledge in research of age(ing) via interdisciplinary and international approaches and extends knowledge of social research methods. Upon completion of the Master of Arts students overlook the field of age(ing) research, know specific research methods and are able to apply their theoretical knowledge practically. The acquired technical and methodological knowledge and skills enable students to the independent and autonomous basic and applied social research concerning age and ageing.

Likewise graduates will be prepared for specific leading tasks in occupations in the context of the challenges of ageing societies. These include conceptual, senior consultant, organizational and evaluative activities in operational fields like diversity and cohesion, education and work, health and interventions in ageing societies.


Chair for Social Structure & Sociology of Ageing Societies

Secretariat: Jana Dreypelcher

E-Mail: Alternde.Gesellschaften@tu-dortmund.de

TU Dortmund University, Institute for Sociology

Emil-Figge-Str. 50

44227 Dortmund


Secretariat for students
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  • Leaves, exmatriculation and fees
  • All questions about the student status

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Examination office
  • Registering for exams
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  • Issuing of documents
  • Contact: Verena Borg (verena.borg@tu-dortmund.de)